Monday, May 30, 2005

Fillings, nothing more than fillings

My biking trip this morning was something different. Instead of taking my usual route along the boulevard, I took up Jong Fortunato's challenge and travelled some new paths. Apparently, there's another route up to the mountains of Valencia through Pulantubig, and one that's closer to where I live. The route isn't as scenic, though, because it's mostly a residential area.

I had my tooth done today. This particular tooth had gone through a root canal several years ago. It doesn't hurt, but it's considerably weakened. I thought it was the filling that chipped off, but the dentist told me it was actually the surrounding tooth. It's probably good for a few more years until it needs to be crowned.

Teeth are one of the things I treasure. I hope to enter old age with all my teeth intact. Argh, I can't imagine wearing false teeth, and I certainly hope I won't have to.

In other news, I have an irate letter-writer from Banaue who thought I was slighting her hometown. In retrospect, my words may not have been too kind, though malice was never intended. Ah, these are the travails of a column-writer: I thought I wouldn't offend anyone, but it seems that position is an impossibility.

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