Monday, May 02, 2005

Biking Up Valencia

Feeling that I needed a change of pace from all the mad typing I did over Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, I took my bike up to the hills of Valencia on Sunday morning.

I started out early, leaving the house at a quarter to 6:00am. I biked down my usual path to Rizal Boulevard: Piapi, then Hibbard, then up to Silliman Avenue before hitting the boardwalk. But then I proceeded to Tinago, and from there onwards to Calindagan.

I also did this on Saturday but I only ended as far as Lee Plaza Hypermart. This time, I was going to go the distance.

On and on I rode, into Barangay Junob, then to Talay. The elevation started to rise gradually, and untrained and unfit biker that I was, I decided to shift to easier gears. Somewhere in the middle of Junob, I was already huffing and puffing, despite being on the softest gear.

Past Talay, I decided to get off my bike and just walk it alongside of me. My shirt was drenched. A few minutes ago, another biker passed me by, riding merrily along and giving me a biker's salute. Ouch, the indignity of it all.

I did reach the plaza of Valencia, my ultimate goal. I must have climbed 500m in total over a distance of 20km. All in all, it took me about an hour. Not so bad in my opinion.

I lingered a bit, taking some photos, then headed down.

What I paid for in exertion on the way up, I gained back in speed on the way down. Travelling down the 35-degree incline where I marked the halfway point of my journey, I sped down at a bone-rattling, butt-shaking, white-knuckle speed of over 60 kph.

I easily overtook several motorcycles on my way down. I applied just the smallest bit of pressure on my brakes to slow down. Anything rash would probably have sent my flying off.

I arrived at the boulevard in half the time it took me to get up. It was an exhilirating ride, and hairy as it might have been, I'm game to do it again.


  1. freaking brilliant doms! you just captured some of the childhood memories I had of flying down the valencia road.

  2. Thanks, Chaz. Next time, I'll try to bike all the way to the falls.