Sunday, April 03, 2005

Home at 3:37AM

At 3:37AM today, Karol Wotyla went home to the Heavenly Father.

No words can express my grief. This is a man who cut a swath through history and changed its course as no other man has in the the last fifty years. His unswerving moral stance, coupled with gentle kindness, has been a guiding light. A man among men.

Goodbye, Holy Father. You will be sorely missed.


  1. I do not cry for his passing, but stand instead awed by a life that is great by any standard or measure of man. I do not feel grief for his passing, but joy that such a man had lived and through him such great works had been done. I hope that his successor will be such a mix of kindness and steel as he was.

  2. He was a good man.

    You don't get many of those nowadays.

    Requesciat in Pace, Mi Papa.

  3. The world is filled with people.
    They come and they go.
    Some leave and never cause so much as a stir.
    Others leave something behind -
    Laughter. Joy. Tears. Sorrow.
    But there's nothing greater than
    Strength, courage...conviction.
    These are the things that stay.