Friday, March 11, 2005

The V*gina Monologues

In Dumaguete the whole week this week, and my Internet access is still patchy. But that's only because I'm too cheap to get a DSL line and I aim to remedy that soon. Oh, and I'm still hounded by computer woes, mostly hardware-related. Sigh, I really need to buy a decent Thinkpad.

I've been very busy, as you might gather from the post just prior to this. Another reason why there have been so few updates. In any case, I did get some break time in by going to the theater.

As a counterpoint to claims that nothing happens in Dumaguete, they ran Eve Ensler's "The V*gina Monologues," all with local actors comprised of students and young professionals from around the city. They held the play at the Luce Auditorium, which is by all accounts rated excellent. (Better than the PhilamLife Theater, in my opinion).

Part of the reason for choosing this play was a desire to better understand women's concerns. But alas, I didn't really come away with anything new about my views. Perhaps it must be all my prior reading. Or maybe I just need to think about it some more.

Uh-huh-huh, but Marcelle would be insanely jealous to learn that one of the cast was a Korean babe. And you know what they do in "The V*gina Monologues..." Uh-huh-huh.