Wednesday, March 02, 2005

City of Seven Lakes

I'm writing this post from San Pablo City, Laguna, otherwise known as the City of Seven Lakes.

I finally decided to go on a short road trip, something I had been planning for a long while but kept postponing because of various events. Why San Pablo? Because the first bus I saw at the terminal was passing through there.

The fare cost me P104, and the trip took two hours. I ended my bus ride at the crossroads of San Pablo and Lucena, and took a jeepney to the city proper.

San Pablo City is a medium-sized city, more along the lines of Davao than Dumaguete. The center of town is bustling with jeepneys coming and going. No big malls to speak of (at least none that I've discovered as yet), although fast food joints abound. All hail Ronald McDonald and Jollibee!

My first stop was the San Pablo Cathedral. Contrary to my first impression, it was not named after St. Paul the Epistolary but rather St. Paul the Hermit. Unfortunately, the cathedral was closed and not much information was to be had; all I could do was visit the perpetual vigil chapel.

In any case, there's nothing to take pictures with. What a time for my Olympus digital camera to conk out!

Next stop: Calamba. Unless I find something interesting around here.


  1. I went to San Pablo back in high school. It's a nice and quiet town :D

  2. Thank you for the nice article about our City. I hope you visit our city again!