Thursday, February 10, 2005

Flash Fiction: Antediluvian

I wanted to keep this under 55 words, but I had trouble cutting it down. So I just kept it as is.

"I swear, by Aton, if that old man keeps up that racket tonight, I'll kill him!" Belaam wrung his pudgy fingers to show just how he would do it.

"I wish you'd do something about that horrible smell from his animals!" Leela seconded with a pout.

"Luckily, neither has stopped the customers from coming, my dear." Leela's always managed to put him in a good mood. "They still line up for my number one attraction, after all."

"Are we expecting a busy night, Belaam? I'm always raring for some action." She flashed that suggestive smirk that had brought him so many shekels.

"Maybe not," Belaam muttered as he looked out the window. "Looks like we have some rain coming."