Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Dumaguete Blog Workshop

Lots of fun today!


  1. Green with envy. Imagine to do something techish in Dumaguete. I've been away for far far too long. :)

  2. Blog workshop? Interesting! What did you cover?

  3. Blog workshop!
    I wish we had them here too... I would attend it ;) Actually, I have read the Shifted Librarian's blog and she conducts workshops too. They are maximizing blogging in the US in order to promote libraries and get user feedback.

    Check out the Shifted Librarian on http://theshiftedlibrarian.com

  4. Thanks for the comments, all, and sorry for the late reply.

    This really was a starter workshop. I first showed them samples of popular Filipino blogs (House on a Hill, Dean Alfar, Nikki Alfar, Ian Casocot). Then I took them through the tools.

    Discussion was lively, livelier than my other Dumaguete talks. One young participant had a look on her face: "just think what I could do with all this!"

    Just about the only thing they asked for but I couldn't cover was blogging styles. Maybe after some more research.

    I'd gladly do it all over again. For a different audience, of course.