Monday, January 03, 2005

Tracing the Fiasco

I spent the night at the hospital to watch over Dad so Mom could get some rest. Dad's been showing significant improvement since yesterday. His blood pressure has gone up to normal levels, and his temperature is more or less steady, if a bit high.

I wish I could say that I stayed up the whole night, but I was drifting in and out of sleep, interrupted every half hour or so. Either the nurses would come in, or Dad would get up to take a leak. This sleep debt I paid off this morning and early afternoon.

This is how things came down to this: Dad was given some pretty strong antibiotics after his biopsy two weeks ago, but the drugs made him puke. The doctor asked my Dad if he was having a fever, and my Dad lied and told him "No." All the same, he ought to have prescribed other antibiotics.

The descent started when Dad decided to stop the antibiotics before full term.

The whole incident reminds me of working in IT, when the consultant recommends a solution that doesn't wholly address the problem, and the user decides to take unilateral steps to fix things but instead makes it just worse.