Sunday, January 02, 2005


Sigh. Looks like I spoke too soon. Dad had an infection last night and because of that, went into a sky-high fever. He went into shock, so we rushed him to the hospital at around 10:30PM Quite an ordeal, though in hindsight, we were all very calm about the matter.

We got reinforcements in the form of my visiting aunt, an R.N. from the US. She had a fight with the resident to get my Dad antibiotics earlier.

Dad stabilized around midnight and regained consciousness. He said he didn't recall us bringing him to the hospital. That brought some comedy relief, though we were somewhat shaken.

We spent the night in the hospital. I felt guilty for sleeping through most of it, but I felt we needed someone in reserve. Anyway, Mom, my sister, and my aunt were doing a fairly good job.

I'm postponing my trip to Dumaguete. I hope this all turns out well.

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