Sunday, January 30, 2005


This morning, I joined my sister and her friends for an outing to a place called Sure-Catch. It's a fish hatchery that's been converted into a restaurant / recreation area. The idea is for you to catch the fish that you're going to eat.

Sure-Catch was a few kilometers away from the city proper so we had an early start. We got there a little after 8AM. The place was huge, with two large fishponds side-by-side. Off to the side was a swimming pool and a crocodile farm, but since there were entrance fees for those, we gave them wide berth.

We were given a selection of fishing poles, all of which really were just a long stick of bamboo, nylon string, a rubber floater, and a hook. Well....

I was expecting to use worms as bait, but I found out that it wasn't necessary. Bits of dough would do just fine. A young girl, resident of the area, did offer me worms, but at 10 pesos a piece, I declined.

So off we cast our lines. My sister had the first catch of the day. I had to try several times because the fish were quite crafty and kept getting away with the bait. Finally, I landed one as well.

Much heartened by my success, I turned back to the task of catching my lunch. Alas, all I gathered were near-captures. My sister's friend's employees, though, had plenty of luck but I was too proud to head over to their area.

I did manage another catch a little later on. However, the fish I caught was a little too small so I threw it back into the water.

Lunch was a sumptuous spread of tilapia (St. Peter's Fish) and hito (catfish). Luckily for me, you didn't really have to catch what you would eat. Incredibly, too, the lunch came out to just 100 pesos per person!

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  1. would you mind telling where this fishing site is located? how much do they charge for the fish you caught?