Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Fire Nymph

And lo, her righteous fury burst into an unquenchable flame, white hot as the sun. With a wave of her hand she laid waste to all the fools who dared defy her, leaving naught but ashes.

I was feeling particularly inspired tonight. Sacha's indignation over Digital Pinay 2005 mobilized several of her friends and caught the attention of the Philippine Computer Society organizers. They promptly reviewed their beauty contest. He, he, never get in the way of a woman on a mission.

Anyway, the little incident gave me the idea of drawing a fire nymph, the results of which I am very pleased with. Oil pastels, turpentine, and colored pencils. Backgrounds were done with turpentine mixed with bits of oil pastel.

I took intermediate scans of my work as well, so here's its evolution.

Rough pencils

Colored pencil outline

Hey, I'm making progress!