Friday, January 07, 2005

Dwarf Lord

I'm going to lay off the oil pastels for awhile, simply because I haven't been getting the results that I've been trying to get. Maybe I need more practice, but I thought going back to pencil sketches would be a refreshing change.

This is my take of a Dwarf Lord, supreme commander of dwarven forces. I like the way the fierceness in the eyes came out, though that may have been accented by the horned helmet and the braided beard. The nose guard may have been subconsciously influenced by the helmet of Gimli from the LOTR films. The standard was a necessary touch to give him the look of a commander.

What's a standard without a standard bearer? This sketch was meant to portray a younger dwarf, hence, the smaller beard. It turned out more like a pikeman, though, so I'll probably redraw the bearer as a younger and beardless dwarf.

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  1. Maybe a beardless young dwarf would look ok:)