Friday, December 31, 2004

Spider-Friends vs Sinister Syndicate

Lloyd, newly arrived from Iloilo, had a craving for fish and invited me for lunch at one of the streetside restaurants at Times Beach. I willingly obliged. After catching up with the recent events, we turned our attention to my latest toy: Upper Deck Entertainment's Vs System, featuring Spider-Man against Dr. Octopus.

I had been trying to figure out this game for the longest time, but the only way to really learn it is to play it. Previous attempts with my sister Darlene were met with half-hearted efforts (but she beat me anyway) and a noisy rebuff when I asked for a rematch. Yesterday I almost nailed the game when playing against Winston but time caught up with us.

So now here was a friend who was deep into Marvel lore and with whom I was running a two decade-old friendly competition at various games. I taught him the basics, and on occasion -- well, several occasion -- we consulted the manual. Oh, yeah, there were several mistakes along the way, but all in all, we ended up with some decent games.

Owing to the uncooperative winds, we shifted our game to Winston's new house. We played and played and played, all through the afternoon. Lloyd against me, Lloyd against Winston, Winston against me, and several more games with Lloyd. The competitive streak came boiling up again.

Memories of Lloyd and Winston arguing which Marvel character could whup which DC character or vice versa came rushing back. Oh, yeah, we were such nerds way back when. For this one brief moment, it was good to be a kid again.

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  1. Well, if I can't get you to play chess with me, we can always cycle between Scrabble and cards... ;) I'm not into throwing money at a problem, though, so I hope this game doesn't have an entire artificial economy like Magic does. =)