Monday, November 22, 2004

Letter to Myself

So, what now, Dominique?

You've tendered your long-delayed resignation and this time, it's not likely they're going to ask you to stay. Not that it matters because you've made up your mind anyway.

Come December 17, you'll turn in your Thinkpad and your badge and that'll be that. You'll pack up your gear and close the lights of your rented apartment one final time.

Where to from there?

Davao, first, for the Christmas holidays. And there's a business that's waiting to be set up with your sister. Maybe it'll take off, maybe it won't, but it'll be worth the shot. If medical transcription doesn't take off, you can always turn it into a cybercafe.

Come January you can swap places with your Dad in Dumaguete. Morning runs through the boulevard and daybreak swims on the beach: so you can finally ge in shape. Volunteer work with the science high school, and computerization work with the marine lab of Silliman: just the kind of stuff you like to do and can pad your resume with. And maybe even art class.

ln case the phone rings and your old mates from IBM call (don't worry, it won't happen), you'll them politely that you're retired (don't worry, you won't have to.)

You won't be lacking for things to do, that's for sure. It's important that you keep growing. You have to keep building up expertise that you will be known for. What you might lack in revenue, you must make up for in knowledge. Study. Publish. Network. Get certified.

If you ever decide that this path you chose was not meant for you, and that you want your old life back, you better make sure that you're worth more then than you are now.

Of course, that won't happen, will it? Because you know this path is the right one for you right now. Doubt not your assessment of your situation. You could not have continued this path without further misery.

You've made the decision. Be happy


  1. Have you considered graduate studies? :-) Many universities in the US would welcome your smarts and experience. You probably would get paid, too, especially if you do a PhD.

    Good luck in your new life direction.

  2. Thanks, Roy. I'll let things simmer for a while and consider the possibilities. Toronto seems mighty interesting right now.

  3. Good luck, Dominique! I am sure that you'll be successful in whatever endeavour you choose to do.

    Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    Congratulations for getting Linux certified, too! Maybe you can take the LPI certification as well! :D