Thursday, June 17, 2004

A Bird's Eye View of Eastwood

A Rational Technology repost.

The "City" tag that's attached to Eastwood City is a bit of a misnomer. It's not legally a city by Philippine statutes; it doesn't have a local government to speak of, only commercial administrators appointed by Megaworld Properties. In actuality, it's still part of Quezon City.

But other than that tiny detail, Eastwood City is practically a city by itself. Almost all the necessities and amenities for modern city living are encapsulated within its boundaries: condominiums, department stores, restaurants, bookstores, cinemas, fitness centers, furniture shops, schools, office space, and even a chapel.

To fully appreciate Eastwood, you have to go beyond walking the surroundings and sampling the sights. You have to take a bird's-eye-view of the place.
Eastwood City is roughly 15 hectares in size. One third of the space are dedicated to office space for the technology-oriented companies that bestow on it the title of IT ecozone. This area is made up of Citibank Square, Eastwood Corporate Plaza, IBM Plaza, Cyber One, Technoplaza One, and a couple more planned buildings.

Another third of Eastwood City is dedicated to restaurants and shopping centers. City Walk takes up the bulk of this space, followed by the Home and Lifestyle Center and some sections of Technoplaza One and CyberOne.

Finally, the condominium row takes up the last third. These are upscale living accommodations provided by Eastwood Lafayette, Eastwood Excelsior, Grand Eastwood Palazzo, One Orchard Road, and Olympic Heights.

Several portions of Eastwood are still under construction, but two years since it went full swing, it's already a buzzing hive of activity.

So when is Dumaguete getting one?

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